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In 1968 when MST was founded it was entrusted with a mission region comprising of three districts in MP. They were Ujjain, Shajapur, and Rajgarh. Later it was raised to a diocese . MST priests worked in the Diocese and developed most of the mission stations for the diocese. In 2008 region of MST was extended to all the Syro-malabar dioceses of North India. and started to own its own institutions.



Regional Administration

Regional Director Rev Fr Vincent Kadalikattilputhenpura
1st Councillor Rev Fr Thomas Chenganariparambil
2nd Councillor and treasurer Rev Fr George Pottananickal



Centers of MST in St Paul Region

1. St Thomas School, Pawasa

Pawasa, Maksi Road, Undasa P.O., Ujjain, M.P. 456006

Ph: 07342700419, 2518141


2. Nirmal Jyothi, Bhopal (Mental Health Service), Bhopal

Santhom Bhavan, C61, Regal Homes, Khajurikalan, Bhopal, M.P.

Ph: 07552759611


3. Nirmal Jyothi Special School, Mandsaur

House No. 108, Kottari Nagar, Sanjeeth Nakka, Mandsur 458001, M.P.

Ph: 08269915336


4. Masih Ashram (MST Prayer House), Karondia

Karondia, Maksi Road, Undasa P.O., 456006, Ujjain, M.P.


5. St Thomas School, Khachrod

St. Thomas School, Ganesh Nagar, Nagda Road, Khachrod - 456 224, Ujjain Dt, Madhya Pradesh


6. Ruhalaya Major Seminary, Ujjain

Ruhalaya Major Seminary, P. B. No. 4, Agar Road, Ujjain - 456006, Madhya Pradesh, India


7. Santhome Regional House, Mendiya

Santhome Bhavan, P.B. No 227, Mothilal Nehru Nagar, Ujjain Dt – 456010, Madhya Pradesh



Ujjain diocese is spread out in three civil districts, Ujjain, Shajapur and Rajgarh, which constitute the diocese of Ujjain The diocese of Ujjain was erected an Exarchate by Pope Paul VI by the Apostolic Decree ‘Apostolicum Munus’ on July 29, 1968. It was entrusted with MST for mission work. Very Rev. Fr John Perumattam, the first Director General of MST was appointed its first Apostolic Exarch. On 26th February 1977 Pope Paul VI by the Apostolic Constitution ‘Quo Divino Consilio’ raised the Exarchate to the status of a diocese and Mar John Perumattam was installed its first bishop. In conformity with the Canon 210.1 of CCEO Mar John Perumattam retired from the office after serving the diocese commendably for thirty years and Rev. Fr Sebastian Vadakel MST was nominated bishop of Ujjain on June 5, 1998. He was ordained and installed the second bishop of Ujjain on September 8, 1998.43MST priests are working in the diocese.


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